We offer advice on all aspects of a business or brand such as:

Corporate and commercial law

Expertise includes:

  • structuring start-ups
  • joint ventures and investor and shareholder agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • business acquisitions and sales
  • due diligence inquiries
  • company and incorporated associations constitutions
  • director loans
  • company secretariat advice
  • confidentiality agreements
  • intellectual property advice such as copyright and brand protection, trade secrets and confidential information
  • website terms of use and privacy policies
  • supplier trading terms
  • customer contracts
  • dispute resolution

Intellectual Property

Trade Marks and brand protection

We assist with all aspects of clients’ brands from the establishment and protection of trade mark rights, to the enforcement of commercial reputation and goodwill . Sector experience include media, fashion, arts, entertainment, NFP, trade promotions, e-payments and gift cards.

Specialist areas include:

  • brand creation and defensive protection advice
  • business and band name registration
  • trade mark commercialisation and strategy
  • trade mark applications and portfolio management
  • domain name acquisition and recovery
  • anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy work
  • infringement and dispute resolution


Extensive experience advising on matters:

  • ownership and acquisition
  • commercial exploitation, including licensing and distribution arrangements
  • protection and enforcement
  • proactive and reactive anti-piracy measures
  • collecting societies
  • infringement and dispute resolution



We focus on the creative and business needs of clients within the entertainment industries; expertise includes:

  • producer and mixer agreements
  • endorsement and sponsorship
  • management agreements
  • touring and events
  • collaborations and partnerships
  • legal rights and remedies
  • home entertainment distribution and licensing for film, TV and online
  • merchandising


We advise on all aspects of the music business both in Australia and internationally:

  • recording and licensing
  • music publishing
  • licensing and synchronisation
  • merchandising and sponsorship
  • live performance – festival, promoter and booking agent
  • distribution
  • business structures
  • venue hire
  • management
  • merchandising and sponsorship
  • promoter and booking agent
  • collecting societies (incl. APRA AMCOS / PPCA / SoundExchange)
  • touring
  • assembling a team
  • dispute resolution and rights
  • PPCA direct licensing policies
  • business terms and conditions and privacy policies

Film, TV and Theatre

Areas of expertise:

  • rights acquisition and development – writers’ agreements, options over literary works, purchase of rights, and ‘first look’
  • distribution – sales agency arrangements, distribution and licensing, acquisitions and non-theatrical and ancillary rights
  • production – releases, music supervision, music synchronisation licensing, music commissioning and footage clearances
  • investors
  • funding agencies
  • merchandising and sponsorship
  • talent
  • venue and operations
  • rights management

Digital Media


  • podcast talent management and licensing
  • content licensing and distribution
  • e-gift cards and vouchers
  • domain names
  • content take-down and removal
  • trade promotions and competitions
  • content licensing and clearances
  • web hosting and development agreements
  • technology licensing

Visual art and design

Expertise to clients includes:

  • commissioning and consultancies
  • hire
  • artist & gallery
  • project management
  • merchandisig and sponsorship
  • copyright and designs
  • moral rights
  • exhibition and touring
  • business structures
  • rights acquisition and licensing
  • rights management


Expertise includes:

  • rights acquisition
  • licensing and distribution
  • music rights and licensing
  • sponsorship, endorsement and merchandising
  • business structures
  • end user licences
  • e-sports rights management
  • player and talent


We work with fashion designers and fashion houses and advise on:

  • brand protection – trade marks, copyright and designs
  • retail and commercial leases
  • web and social
  • manufacture
  • distribution and licensing
  • dispute resolution

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